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Be Ready to fill Renewal of FCRA again

New Notification by FCRA

On 14th December, FCRA department has issued a notification regarding filling Renewal of FCRA form. You can download this notification here.

Let me summarize this notification –

  1. All the earlier application sent manually in Form FC-5 is now void.
  2. Need to apply again for renewal.
  3.  New Form is FC-3 – (Go to https://fcraonline.nic.in/home/index.aspx)
  4. Only Online Form FC3. Not accepted in manual or offline mode.
  5. Make Payment online. ( Does every organization have online banking account ?????  )
  6. Only those organization listed here are exempted for online payment (because their DDs and cheques are accepted) (What about other organization’s DD??????) – Download organization’s name – payments are accepted.

Many more doubts and questions come up in coming time. Let us give some time to study whole process. We will get back with easy info video on how to file Renewal of FCRA in FC3 form online. Till then watch this space for more info.

8 replies
  1. Jagdish Patel
    Jagdish Patel says:

    We sent DD in June last with the hard copy of the Form FC-5. Since our name was not in the list we wrote them and we have received reply that the DDs which have not been encashed will be returned soon.

    For the new form FC-3, do we need Digital signature?

  2. Jahir Mansuri
    Jahir Mansuri says:

    yes sir correct, they will refund DDs.
    Regarding DSC, i think it may not be there in FC3 as they ask for sign and seal in jpg to upload.

  3. Neha Agarwal
    Neha Agarwal says:

    We send dd and complete details through courier.how we can know that whether our documents are accepted and status renewed or not. Because I did not find my organization name in list.

  4. Angelo Didla
    Angelo Didla says:

    Dear Sir, our organisation has filed the renewal form on 17.10.2016, which was late. Afterwards MHA has asked me clarification for the late and I wrote the cause on my letter, scanned it and sent to MHA. It was more than 90 days passed and my organisation not granted renewal. My MHA file renewal tracking number is 6114652016. Still the message is you have submitted your renewal form and so on. Will i get the renewal? or it will take some time? Please let me know.


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