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How to do renewal of FCRA registration of NGOs?

As we all aware about new provisions in Foreign Contribution Act, 2010, all NGOs have to renew its registration in every 5 years. Let us check in detail what is the Renewal Procedure and when and how to file renewal form.

When  FCRA registration expires ?

Existing organization having registration before 1st May 2011, their registration will be expire on 30/04/2016. Organization registered after 1st May 2011, 5 years from the date of the registration.

When  to apply for Renewal of FCRA registration ?

If you have multi-year on going projects – 12 months before expiry date as mentioned above. For existing organization, that cut off date is 30/04/2015.

If you do not have multi-year on going projects – 6 months before expiry date as mentioned above. For existing organization, that cut off date is 30/10/2015.

How to  to apply for Renewal of FCRA registration ?

Application has to be made in Form FC-5. You can download this form in word format from here. Currently FC-5 form is not available to file online like FC-6, so we presume that we have to file this form offline in hard copy.

Form FC5

Form FC5

How Much fees for Renewal of FCRA registration ?

Along with Form FC-5 , organization has to pay Rs. 500 by way of DD or banker’s cheque in the name of “Pay and Account Office, Ministry of Home Affairs” payable at New Delhi.

Time Limit for Renewal of FCRA registration

FCRA department has to renew the certificate, ordinarily within 90 days from the Form FC5 received. If renewal is not granted within time line, it shall communicate reasons for rejection to the organizations.

Consequences for Delay or Not apply for Renewal

In case an organization fails to apply with in cut off dates mentioned above or not apply at all, its registration of FCRA becomes invalid.


Check out this video



It is advisable for organization to start preparing for Form FC5. Download Form FC5 in word format from here. In next blog, we will discuss in detail about what information is to be filled in Form FC5.

# Disclaimer
This video is prepared in the view to facilitate users to fill FC 5 form for FCRA renewal. Kindly refer FCR Act and Rules for accurate information. While we have made every attempt to ensure that the information contained in this site has been obtained from reliable sources, KCJMNGO is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information.
23 replies
    • Jahir Mansuri
      Jahir Mansuri says:

      As per section 16 (3) of FCR Act, 2010, renewal certificate should be issued withing 90 days from the date of the application received. kindly check our blog…http://www.kcjmngo.com/fcra-renewal-status/

  1. Rajat Deogade
    Rajat Deogade says:

    In your video and website page of fcra renewal it says to make a DD in the name of ‘pay and account office’ and in the actual form it is ‘officer’ and not office, I made an incorrect Demand Draft as per your guidelines. So is it ok ? or if not then correct it.

    • Jahir Mansuri
      Jahir Mansuri says:

      Sorry for that, I will update the same. However do not worry about that. As per my knowledge, FCRA department has not even encash even cheque or DD till now.

  2. Mohamad jamal
    Mohamad jamal says:

    What if in filling FC-5 form some information by default misplaced for example Registration details & Expiry date.But all relevant documents is correct.

  3. Abhay Kumar
    Abhay Kumar says:

    I want to know that i have submitted form FC-5 on 3.04.2015 along with prescribed fees for renewal. And now, want to know the status of renewal.
    Kindly advise me how can i get the information related to renewal of the registration.

  4. Pushkar raj
    Pushkar raj says:

    Sir i couldnt apply for the fcra renewal.last date was 30 th june. fcra is valid till 31st october.can i apply now.?

    • Jahir Mansuri
      Jahir Mansuri says:

      Yes Last date was June 30. How one can make such delay in the important things like renewal of FCRA ?
      My advice is to try to file FC-3 online and hope for the best.

  5. Ashwini Kumar Sinha
    Ashwini Kumar Sinha says:

    If an NGO ‘s one year return got misplaced and could not be traced or located either at fcra Dept. nor at NGO office , and NGO continued to provide it’s valuable contribution to the country as a whole ; should it be not reconsidered to be given another opportunity to get fresh fcra permission rather than to bring it at par with NGO like jakir Naik or other law breaking NGO in the interest of INDIA . If it is so , then horrible state of affairs.

  6. Barada Prassan Nayak
    Barada Prassan Nayak says:

    We had applied online for renewal of our FC during March’2018 and successful. The file number has also been alloted. But, after six months we neither get any reply from the FCRA division nor obtained the registration certificate, When we went through the online process to know the validity status we came to know that the validity of registration has been expired and the registration has been deemed to be ceased. Suggest, what to do next to validate our registration.


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