Free Webinar – How to Finalise Accounts of NGO like Professional?

In this situation of COVID-19 pandemic, all the staff of NGOs are busy in providing relief to their beneficiaries. June month is already started and many Accountant are suffering heavy backlog of accounting work. Many vouchers and expenditures are still to entered in Tally.

Remember that due date of Audit / Filling of Income Tax Return is extended only for the month, from September to October 2020.

So ,we have decided to help by taking free webinar covering step by step process on finalisation of NGO Accounts. We will try to cover following sub-topics :-

This webinar covers sub-topic:

-Closing Entries for Project

-Receivable Grants

-Unspent Grants

-Expenditure Grouping

-Cost Centre Analysis


-Presentation of BS, IE & RP

-TDS entries and 26AS Matching

-Staff Advance Accounts

-Compliances POV (FCRA,IT,TDS)

Registration link –

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