FCRA UPDATES – Huge Relief

Many organizations have lost their registration during the last few years for the reason of not filling FCRA return online. Time to time FCRA department had given many opportunities to such NGOs to file their returns. Many organizations were not even aware of filling returns online and sent hard copies of returns, which were not taken on record by FCRA.

As per the provisions of FCRA, if registration is cancelled, one can apply only after three years. However, major relief announced today by FCRA department for such organization, whose returns are pending. They can now file pending returns online and can apply for renewal within three months of this notice. Thus the last date is 31.10.2019.

Not only this but penalty leviable on such non-filling is also waived.

Download the notice from here.

This is not applicable to the organisations which are regular in filing annual returns and have filled all returns online.

Did I miss something?

Hope this will help you in your NGO, if you have any question,  you can ask here or chat with us. Also your comments are welcome on the above subjects.

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    Thank you for your mail. Our organisation falls in this category. We require your help in this regard.

  2. Arulraj Louis
    Arulraj Louis says:

    Dear Sir, your update on FCRA and other important government notifications are very useful to all the MGOs. I wish to thank you for the same. I have one doubt which could you please clear for me>
    We have FCRA and we have just changed our office premises, also some changes have come in the Trustees of our organization. We now wish to file these information online in the relevant forms. We will also pass a Board resolution for these. But our Trustees do not have time now to come to Registration office, so that we can file an amendment. I am the Chief Functionary in government records. My question is: Can the Board of Trustees pass a resolution giving me the power/authorization to register the amendment at the registration office? Please help us

    • Jahir Mansuri
      Jahir Mansuri says:

      It is up to the local registration authority. However, with the Governance point in mind, it is not advisable to give authority to one person to approve changes. Also, changes in trustees can only be approved in a board meeting with the approval of present – quorum.

  3. Devasahayam
    Devasahayam says:

    Dear Sir,
    Our FCRA has canceled orders on 18.10.2019 due to the non-submission of Anual Returns for the year 2017-2018. I came to know that the Home Ministry provides an opportunity to register canceled FCRA. unfortunately, I was aware of that after the last date was over. our bank account also froze. can we eligible to register again?


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