This is the step towards the complete automation by FCRA department recently. FCRA department issued the circular dated 3rd June 2015 (click here to download) , stating that now onwards associations are required to digitally sign their documents while submitting for any process to FCRA. Let us discuss this in detail.

Digitally Sign means what?

Digitally sign does not mean scan copy of hand written signature. Digital signature looks like below image


This is called e-token pass and this will be issued by listed authorized agencies. List of such agencies are given in this post. Digital Signature or e-token pass is issued to chief functionary in case of organizations.

For which type of documents DSC required for FCRA?

Circular stated that for the following processes, organization must attached DSC :

  • Application for FCRA registration
  • Application for Prior Permission
  • Application for renewal of FCRA
  • Change Application for Name of Association
  • Change Application for Address of Association
  • Change Application for Bank Account of Association
  • Filling Annual Return – Form FC6

From when it start implementing ?

FCRA department is in the process of updating their website and as per circular within 10 days it will be implemented.

If document submitted without Digital Signature?

It is mentioned by FCRA department that if documents submitted electronically without Digital Signature is not valid for all FCRA purpose.

What if Chief Functionary Change?

If There is any change in Chief Functionary post, Organization has to declare to FCRA in the prescribed format (download word file for such declaration here).

Where to get Digital Signature?

There are many authorized agencies providing DSC like MTNL, TCS, IDBRT, SAFESCRYPT, nCODE etc.. Alternatively organization can ask their chartered accountant to get DSC, CAs have tie ups with above agencies and will fulfill the procedure and get the DSC for organization.

Digital Signature used for filling return is valid for FCRA

If organizations already have DSC for filling Income Tax Return, the same will be used for FCRA purpose. No need to take another DSC provided, DSC should be in the name of Chief Functionary.


This is a welcome step to avoid paper returns. Organizations, which do not have DSC should immediately apply for it. If you have any questions or you want to get DSC, click here.