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Credit Ratings of NGOs in India

Grading an NGO is not a new idea, since 2004 Credibility Alliance  was rating NGOs and till now rated more than 200 NGOs in India. Globally, credit ratings of NGOs are done by third party since very long specifically in USA and UK. But now, when CRISIL has introduced credit rating of NGO in India, this will definitely change the scenario of existing fund raising and play very crucial part to attract large donations.

CRISIL is very known agency in India for Credit Ratings and Risk Analysis. CRISIL has recently graded two NGOs, HelpAge India was assigned a VO-1A grade and SOS Children’s Village (SOSCV) was given a ‘VO-2A grade.

CRISIL Grading System for NGOs

CRISIL has come up with two sets of grades for NGO. One for Capacity Delivery and Second for Financial Proficiency. In case of Capacity Delivery ratings are from VO 1A  (very strong) to VO 5A, And for Financial Proficiency grades are High, Moderate and Low.

Norms of CRISIL for NGOs

As mentioned above CRISIL has come up with Capacity Delivery and Financial Proficiency.

In Capacity Delivery mainly three things are focused –

1) Profile  – means people driving the NGO, Founders, Trustees and such other aspects

2) Process – means how sound an NGO is in Processes,  training of Field Staff, project implementation process etc.

3) Program – Impact Analysis of Flagship program of NGO.

To Analyse Financial Proficiency, there has been rigorous procedure to check  –

1) Ability of NGOs to raise funds.

2) How well funds are utilized.

How to apply for NGO ratings of CRISIL?

CRISIL has not mentioned anything on its website regarding application for Credit Rating of NGOs. However I am in touch with their officials and try to get the information. If you wish to apply for CRISIL, put your request and email ID here. I will get back to you once I got all the information.