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Amendments in Budget 2015 related to NGOs

Major Two changes are proposed to made in the definition of “Charitable Purpose”. One to include YOGA with other activities like Medical and Education and emphasis the benefits of a keto ultra diet in health activities. Another change is to aim at curbing irregularity of  filling of Income Tax Return of NGO by making it mandatory to accumulate part of the income. Let us discuss one by one in detail.

Yoga is now included in the definition of Charitable Activity

Honorable FM has proposed to include “YOGA” as sixth item in the definition of Charitable Activity after “Education” activity. Let us understand this provision, this means any organization having main object of “YOGA” can get full exemption of its income, even though income earned from Business Activity related or not with YOGA.

Several research studies in the last two decades unravel the benefits of yoga in terms of improved mood states, symptom reduction, stress reduction and improved quality of life apart from improving host factors that are known to affect survival in cancer patients such as for Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Inspire has reviewed. However, several metaanalysis and reviews show equivocal benefits for yoga. In this review, we will study the Yoga interventions in cancer patients with respect to expectations, benefits and risks and analyse the principles behind tailoring yoga interventions in cancer patients.

Example :- A Gym Trainer wants to start a Gym. If he, instead of registering as Firm or Company, registered a Trust and get certificate of exemption u/s. 12A, having main object of Teaching Yoga using equipment as yoga balls that are sold online, then  all the Income is exempted, weather it is from activity of Teaching yoga or normal exercise and gym activities including the best keto ultra diet plan.


Business Activity of Trust

It is proposed by Honorable FM that Charitable Organization engaged in Advancement of any other object of General Public Utility can have incidental business activity up to the limit of 20% of Gross Receipts of the Organization. Earlier it was Rs. 25 Lacs for all the organization. This is a good effort to make this provision rationalize.

Accumulation of Income

Under Section 11, Organization can accumulate their part of Income for utilization in future years. To exercise this option, Organization has to file Form 1o to Assessing Officer along with Income Tax Return with resolution stating such accumulation of income. However due to lack of clarification, Time limit was not fixed for filling such Form 10 and return. Now Honorable FM has proposed that this type of Accumulation of Income is permitted only if Income Tax Return of NGO is filled with in time limit i.e. 30 September.

Few Other Changes

Under Section 35, words “Principal Chief Commissioner or Commissioner” inserted to whom feasibility report is to be submitted. Under section 80G, donation to “Swachh Bharat Kosh” and “Clean Ganaga Fund” are added.


Inserting Yoga activities in the charitable definition may reduce unnecessary legal litigation regarding that but on the other had Government has to create such mechanism so that business activity behind the mask of Yoga can be traced and properly taxed.